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Putnam County Channel Move

As you know, TSC is working very hard to improve your services as we recently completed the upgrade for the Cable Modem service. Our next item for completion is to improve the quality of your television viewing. Effective 11/1/2022, we are moving 34 Standard Definition Channels to High Definition quality.

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Columbus Grove Channel Move

Dear Customer, TSC is working hard to improve the current Cable Television and Internet system to provide you with more robust Internet speeds and bandwidth.  In order to accomplish this, we need to move some of your current analog channels to a digital or HD format. Effective 8/10/2022, we will

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Coming In January

TSC will be adding more of the “off air” QAM channels so our customers will be able to view even more channels in High Definition without the requirement of having a Set Top Box.   In order for the QAM channels to be viewed, you must have a QAM Tuner built

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Golf & Fox News Channel Scan

On Tuesday, September 1st at 8am, TSC will be moving two QAM tuner TV channels to new frequency locations in our channel map. What this means for you is that a channel scan will need to be done in order to reacquire the two channels that we are moving. The

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Channel Changes Complete!

If you have done a rescan of your television(s) and you are still missing a few channels, we have found a bug with some older QAM Tuner Televisions. Please enter the exact number on your remote control for the following channels: 44.1 MTV HD – use the remote to enter

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Don’t be fooled by the competition!

ATTENTION WAPAKONETA RESIDENTS Don’t be fooled by the competition! Get TV without the additional cost of a set top box for EVERY SINGLE TV! Get up to 45 channels without a Set Top Box and 99 channels if your TV has a QAM tuner! Don’t miss your favorites like Hallmark

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NASA Channel Added!

On October 23, 2017, the NASA channel has been added to channel 6, QAM 6.1 and HD channel 706.  The NASA channel covers various topics related to the NASA Programs:  International Space Station, Journey to Mars, Earth, Technology, Aeronautics, Solar System and Beyond, Education, History and the Benefits to You.

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