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Verizon Wireless Outage and Restoration

At approximately 11:00 AM on Friday, September 29th, Verizon began to experience issues with wireless calling to all phone companies in the region.  Verizon did not get answer supervision, which means, to our customers, the call did not cut all the way through.   Some customers were getting one way audio, but

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Resolved: Verizon Mobile Phone Issues

TSC has been informed by Verizon that the situation on their end causing wide spread call completion issues has been resolved. Verizon has provided no additional information on the outage at this time.

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Verizon Mobile Phone Issues

TSC is currently experiencing an issue with Verizon wireless that is providing one-way audio and presenting an “all circuits are busy” message. At this time, this appears to be isolated only to Verizon mobile, and they have been notified. TSC is actively monitoring the situation and diligently working to escalate the issue

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