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Over the next 30-60 days TSC will be making changes to our hosting platform.  This email includes very important information, please read it carefully. We apologize, this situation was not planned.

You are receiving this notice because one or more websites you own, manage, or support includes this email as a point of contact. If this topic does not pertain to you, please forward on to the appropriate individuals.


TSC will be moving your website and all content (including email) to a new set of hosting servers.  For most, this migration will occur behind the scene, but may require you to make changes to your connection settings. If your domain is registered with us, and DNS controlled by us, there will be little to no downtime for your web visitors.

We will now be using a unified domain, tscwebhosting.com to provide your web hosting service.  In doing so, we will be providing independent URLs that all customers can use to connect to webmail, cPanel and email if they desire.  Our hosting platform will now have enhanced cloud storage, spam filtering and IP protection.

As a security measure, your password is hidden from us.  If the migration is unable to transfer the credentials “as is”, your password will be modified.

We will no longer permit insecure access to our servers, please note that all connections should now be using SSL.  This includes, but is not limited to, HTTPS and SSL/TLS for email. As part of this move, we will be applying Free SSL to all domains on our server as we migrate them.

All TSC customers will be able to use their domain to make secure connection to our servers, including webmail, cPanel and mail as: service.yourdomain.  In addition to this, any TSC customer on our server can also use our unified domain URLs:

mail.tscwebhosting.com (for POP/SMTP)

If you do not have your domain registered with TSC, or we do not control your nameserver entry, you will need to reach out to your registrar and update your nameservers to ns1.tscwebhosting.com and ns2.tscwebhosting.com once you have been migrated.  This is required when hosting with TSC.

Support has not changed, please email us at hosting_support@telserco.com

For support information, please visit: https://www.telserco.com/residential/internet/web-hosting/hosting-support/

During the next 30-60 days, if access to your site has stopped, you may have been migrated. Please check your settings immediately. If you need to contact support, this is the first thing we will have to check and verify.

Dedicated IPs are going away.  SSL was the primary reason most customers moved to a dedicated IP, and the resources needed to provide a dedicated IP were costly. As a result we have opted to remove these from our hosting platform.  If you had a dedicated IP with us, it will be removed on migration.  If you are one of these customers, you will be migrated last.

If you are already using your domain name to connect with our servers currently (i.e. mail.yourdomain), then you maynot need to make any changes to your settings.

Once you have updated any necessary settings, if you still cannot connect to your website, email, or cPanel please contact us at hosting_support@telserco.com.

In addition to this email, we will post this notice on our website, and provide an additional update when maintenance is complete.

Thank you for choosing TSC!
TSC Hosting Support

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