Urgent Server Migration

Following an extensive outage of one of our servers last week, and failing hardware in another server, we are now urgently migrating all affected/similar servers to new hardware.

This migration is scheduled for Saturday July 1st, 2023. As part of this move, your website’s IP address will change.

If you use our nameservers you do not need to do anything from your side. During this work you may however notice a short period of downtime – under 10 minutes in most cases – as your account is copied to the new system. This notice will be updated with more details as the work takes place.

If you do not use our nameservers the new IP you will need will be listed on this page later today. Web requests and mail from the old IP will be proxied for a short time to the new system to ease the transition, however unfortunately in this urgent case the old network is not under our control.

We apologize for the short notice.

If you have any questions please send email to hosting_support@telserco.com and we can assist.

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