TSC Welcomes New Customers

Hanson Communications, Hanson of Ohio and TSC would love to take a moment to welcome all the new and current customers from recently acquired Columbus Grove, Leipsic, Orwell, Germantown and surrounding areas! In the next coming months we look forward to bringing you into the Hanson Communications Family and providing you top notch service and reliability.

When Can I Expect My First Bill?

June 2022, you will receive your first bill from TSC.  In an effort to help you understand your new bill format, we are providing an Adobe PDF "Know Your Bill" document that will familiarize you with the new details.

Can I AutoPay or Pay My Bill Online!

Yes!  TSC offers AutoPay, Paperless Bill and Online Pay.

Red Flag Rules mandated by the FTC and SEC prevent us from transferring AutoPay information into our systems; however, once you have your June bill, you will be able to use our online eCare Payment System to set up AutoPay, Paperless Billing or make payments online.

eCare Payment Login: https://ecare.telserco.com/ebpp/Login
eCare Payment Registration: https://ecare.telserco.com/ebpp/Registration/Invoice

Please note, you will require your latest invoice from TSC (your June bill) to set up your account.

Will My Current Services Be Changing?

No.  The same services you have currently, and the same service you had available to you,  will continue once you move to TSC.  You are welcome to call and make service adjustments anytime. In the future however TSC will be rolling out upgrades and bringing new services to many areas.

Did Someone Say Upgrades?

We sure did!  TSC has plans for upgrading service features and availably in many areas over the course of the next few months and years.  While we can't tell you everything, and there is always room for more, the following plans are currently in the works.

  • Germantown: Complete Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Build, Coming Fall 2022
  • Orwell: Faster Internet Speeds and Reduced Congestion, Coming Summer 2022
  • Columbus Grove, Leipsic & Pandora: Complete Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Build, Coming in 2023

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Habit makes us want to say Ghostbusters; but for service questions, support and billing, the following numbers are how you can reach us:

  • Germantown: 937-855-4872
  • Columbus Grove: 419-659-4872
  • Colebrook: 440-422-4872
  • North Bloomfield: 440-685-4872
  • Orwell: 440-437-4872
  • Windsor: 440-272-4872
  • Leipsic: 419-943-4872
  • Belmore: 419-275-4872
  • Gilboa: 419-456-4872
  • Mt Cory: 419-477-4872
  • Pandora: 419-384-4872

If you don't see a number for your immediate location, please call the nearest local number.

Need to Send Us Mail?

We understand, please send it to the following address:

Telephone Service Company
P.O. Box 408
Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895

Download Files

If you'd like a grab a copy of the files we sent to you in the mail, or mentioned here, please click the following links.

Know Your Bill , Welcome Letter, AutoPay Form

These files will require a copy of Adobe's Free PDF Reader to view.