Fiber Broadband Access Fee

The Fiber Broadband Access Fee (aka Worry-Free Maintenance) was put into effect on November 1, 2023. This fee replaces the existing Broadband Access Fee and is assessed to all customers that have fiber service at their residence. This fee continues to allow us to provide Calix GigaSpire, GigaPoint or other Optical devices to our customers without a costly upfront equipment purchase. The FBAF also allows us to replace this equipment at no additional cost to our customers. In most circumstances, we are able to waive a labor fee for our technician to come to your home if trouble occurs.

In the near future, we will be offering several cyber safety and security applications such as Command IQ and Protect IQ as part of our Gigahood IQ App.

We are grateful for your loyalty and continue to work on building a network that demonstrates our loyalty to you. Our investment in this new fiber network will enhance your Internet experience and provide the tools for cyber safety and security. Our goal is to ensure that we deliver the service and benefits your loyalty deserves.