Winding down the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Winding down the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

ACP requires funding from Congress.  To-date, Congress has yet to act on any of the current bills designed to provide that funding.  Although a majority of members of Congress and the President have made commitments to continue to fund the program, there is still a chance the program will not receive funding and will require us to wind-down ACP.

In light of that, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) needs us to make plans in the event ACP does not get funded.  This letter is one element of their plan in the event funds are not made available for the program.

The FCC has estimated that if there is no additional funding for ACP, the program will run out of funds in April, 2024.  At that time, the monthly discount on your internet bill will go away. The actual timing of the wind-down and end of the ACP program may change based on changes in ACP enrollment trends or the authorization of additional funding for the program.

You are receiving this notice because your household is enrolled in the ACP program. If the program is terminated, your internet service will be subject to our undiscounted rates and general terms and conditions of service. To assist with your planning for the potential end of the ACP program, you are encouraged to call or visit with our local office customer care representatives, or email our office via   to review all available service packages, pricing, and other terms and conditions of service.

For additional information and updates concerning ACP benefits and the ACP wind-down, you may visit and or contact the FCC’s ACP Support Center at 877-384-2575.

This is the first of three notices you will be receiving concerning the winding-down of ACP and alternative broadband service plans.