Feature Rich


What could be better than having 10 of the most popular telephone calling features available today? How about having 10 of the most popular telephone calling features FREE? Become feature rich, and save verses paying for all of these calling features separately!


FEATURE RICH phone options are available for free in all E-MERGE phone bundles.

Caller ID Name/Number

Allows you to see the calling party's phone number before answering the call. A display device located on or next to your phone will allow you to view the caller?s information. Caller ID allows you to decide if you want to answer an incoming call or not.

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Caller ID/Call Waiting

(Must also subscribe to Caller ID) This feature can help you identify an incoming call waiting call. This gives you the choice to answer the call or not. Your Caller ID equipment must be capable of utilizing this feature.

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Call Waiting

Call Waiting alerts you with a beep during a telephone conversation that another call is waiting to be answered. Call Waiting can prevent you from missing calls. Callers will hear ringing instead of a busy signal and Call Waiting gives you many of the advantages of an additional line at a fraction of the cost.

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Last Call Return

Allows you to dial *69 to return a call to the person who last called you, even if you were not able to answer the call. This feature can eliminate the frustration of 'just missing' those calls when you have walked in the door from running errands or come home from work.

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Speed Calling

Allows you to quickly dial frequently called numbers by pressing only a few numbers. Speed Calling eliminates the need to look up or remember phone numbers. This feature saves time and allows fast, accurate dialing.

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3 Way Calling

Allows you to add a third party to your current telephone conversation. This feature can reduce the need for callbacks when organizing plans and schedules. 3-Way Calling can bring family and friends together.

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Repeat Dialing

Allows you to dial *66 when a number you are calling is busy. Your line will then attempt to redial the busy number for up to 30 minutes. Repeat Dialing ends the frustration of listening to busy signals when you are trying to reach someone. You can still make and receive other calls when Repeat Dialing is activated. This feature will not work on numbers you are trying to reach outside the areas served by Repeat Dialing.

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Allows you to store, retrieve and share recorded messages through your telephone. You will not miss important calls and your callers will not get a busy signal. Voicemail is programmed right on your line and there is no need to purchase or maintain answering machines or other equipment. Your messages are protected by a pass code you create and each message can be saved or deleted individually from any phone in your home or a phone away from home as well.

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Personal Ring

Personal Ring allows TSC to assign you up to 2 additional telephone numbers on your single line. Each additional number has its own distinctive ringing pattern. This feature is ideal for homes with children, as the kids would have their own number.

(Please Call Office for Setup)

Call Forwarding

Allows you to re-direct your calls to another telephone number. Call Forwarding will help you reduce missed calls because your calls can follow you wherever you go. Call Forwarding gives you the freedom to leave home if you need to and know that you will not miss important calls.

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