Get it all – clear connection, reliability and unlimited local calling – all at a low monthly price!

  • A clear, reliable connection with no dropped calls. Landlines provide excellent coverage because they rely on existing phone networks not towers with spotty coverage.
  • Many security systems require landlines because landline monitoring is a more reliable method of sending alarms signals.
  • Your phone line is always on, with no concern for power loss or weather. In an emergency landlines identify your exact location, so first responders can send help fast.
  • TSC Residential telephone lines include Enhanced 911 providing Name, Telephone Number and Address.
  • With Unlimited Local Calling, you can talk all you want.
  • Add popular calling features such as caller Id, voicemail, call forwarding and more.


TSC's BrightLightning can do more than just power your internet, it can super charge your telephone and television experience as well.

TSC Telephone is so clear it sounds like the person is in the next room. So many telephone features are available, including our advanced voicemail. With Feature Rich, you get 10 of the most popular phone features FREE! Add Unlimited Long Distance and never worry about long distance again.

TSC Television, powered by BrightLightning, gives you the most amazing picture...period. Get the best TV viewing experience possible plus more all-digital channels and more HD channels.

TSC Television offers something for everybody with so many channels and features. Fiber optics makes your Television picture look remarkable!

  • TSC Television offers incredible picture quality with fiber optics carried right into your home.
  • TSC's DVR (Digital Video Recorder) lets you watch pre-recorded shows on any television in the house with a set-top box.
  • TSC Television, powered by BrightLightning, is a spectacular HD experience.

BrightLightning is all about Maximum HD, delivering the best HD quality and the most HD choices available.

There's HD, and then there's HD on TSC BrightLightning. You get 100% digital quality on every channel, and more entertainment you can enjoy.