Web Hosting Support

Web Hosting Support, including Billing and Sales, are available during normal business hours Monday - Friday, 8-5PM EST.

Technical support is provided via email only!

Please have your domain name, a description of your problem, and a copy of any errors available when contacting us for Hosting Support. Most issues can be responded to and resolved in less than 24 hours. We are unable to assist with 3rd party code and programs.

If you are having problems with your bright.net account or a @bright.net email, contact bright.net Support at 800-743-5707, Web Hosting Support is unable to assist.

Email Support: hosting_support@telserco.com
Submit an Ticket Online: Submit Ticket

If you are having email issues, please use an external account such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. so that we can respond to you and resolve your issue.
Web Hosting Technical support is provided via email only!


TSC uses a standard Shared IP hosting platform.  Shared IP hosting is a common practice among hosting providers that utilizes the same IP across all customer packages.  As is the nature of Shared IP hosting, your actions and the actions of our other customers affect the status of this IP. TSC is not responsible for downtime as a result of customer activities that compromise the reputation of this Shared IP . TSC strongly recommends that you consider utilizing a Dedicated IP.


Starting 2022, TSC will require all new and existing domains on its hosting platform to utilize SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)/TLS (Transport Layer Security) for network traffic and connection to our servers.  TSC Hosting provides Let's Encrypt SSL certificates with each package at no additional cost.  Let's Encrypt will be installed on package set up automatically. For other SSL Certificate options, please contact our support or speak to your Account Exec.  TSC Hosting supports Server Name Indication (SNI) on our servers.  Although it is not required to have a Dedicated IP assigned to your hosting package, it is still strongly recommended.


cPanel is a robust commercial hosting management and development interface. For information on the use of cPanel, a full resource of instructional videos are provided in your cPanel Manager by selecting Help and scrolling down to Help Links.

You can preview the cPanel interface here.

Your cPanel URL is https://cpanel.yourdomain or https://yourdomain/cpanel


All domains registered through (or transferred to) TSC for hosting are set for automatic domain renewal. Domains previously registered with TSC before this time will be placed on automatic domain renewal at their next renewal date.

TSC will attempt to bill you 30 days in advance of your actual registrar renewal date. In the event that you are transferring your hosting or domain, this will give you time to cancel and notify us before you are billed. Once the registrar bills us, we will impose the charge.

Domains registered with TSC are required to have their domain name servers set to the TSC hosting name servers. This allows us to provide the most effective support and security possible. Domains utilizing external nameservers or security may received limited support as a result. Domains that are parked, or set as forwards, may be set up to do so from an existing paid hosting package. TSC will no longer register domains that are not attached to a hosting package.


TSC uses the following two name servers for hosting resources:


DNS is configured from within your cPanel. Once your account it setup, you and your website developer will be responsible for making any needed DNS changes to your account.

If your domain registration is elsewhere (godaddy.com, registrar.com, etc.), please ask your registrar to point your domain to our name servers. Once you do, your site will be visible on our servers in the next 24-48 hrs.

Once DNS is configured and propagated, the following locations will be available for your access. Please remove "yourdomain" and replace it with your actual domain name to reach the site.

www.yourdomain - your web site
ftp.yourdomain - for use with FTP (File Transfer)


TSC provides email via a standard cPanel webmail interface, as well as traditional POP/SMTP and IMAP.

Settings for POP and IMAP are included in your original signup email, but may have changed.  For the latest settings, please check below.

Username: username@yourdomain
Password: Use your cPanel email password

Incoming Server: mail.yourdomain
Outgoing Server: mail.yourdomain

IMAP Port: 993
POP3 Port: 995
SMTP Port: 587

IMAP, POP3, and SMTP require authentication.

For access to secure webmail, please use: https://webmail.yourdomain or https://yourdomain/webmail



TSC is no longer provides advertising for our original hosting platform. This platform was originally closed as an active sales tool in 2010, and remained on our site for support and reference only. As of 2016, these pages are now gone. All hosting customers on that platform are still 100% supported, and will remain so; however changes, upgrades and modifications may require a move to our new hosting servers.

For access to your Portal login, please visit and bookmark: https://login.brighthosting.net/portal/
For access to webmail, please visit and bookmark: https://webmail.brighthosting.net/
For support, please use the support links above.


If your account from NWN was transferred to TSC we are providing you access to your cPanel link below.  Your hosting package was transferred in full to us, and left "as is".  All hosting customers on that platform are still 100% supported, and will remain so; however changes, upgrades and modifications will require a move to our new hosting servers.

For access to your cPanel login, please visit and bookmark: https://webhosting.cniteam.com:2083 
For access to mail filtering, please visit and bookmark: messagecenter.yourdomain.com 
For access to web mail, please visit and bookmark: https://mail.bright.net/
For support, please use the support links above.


Customers using any hosting services offered by TSC agree to be obligated by and must comply with all policies in this TOS or must otherwise opt out of and cancel their web hosting service with TSC. TSC retains the sole discretion to make judgment regarding any violation by any TSC customer and may take action against any customer deemed to be in violation of these terms including the cancellation of any customer services without refund and/or, if deemed appropriate, be legally prosecuted.