Gigahood Construction

Gigahood Fiber-to-the-Home Construction has Started!

If you’ve noticed TSC crews in your neighborhood, that means work has begun to bring our Gigahood fiber network to your community.

You can learn more about our process on this page. If you’re ready for faster, more reliable Internet, click below to check availability.

What To Expect!

Identify Current Facilities
Underground utilities will be located and marked with flags and/-or lawn paint.
Aerial Construction
Neighborhoods with above-ground utilities, fiber will be attached to existing electric or telephone poles.
Buried Construction
Neighborhoods with underground utilities, digging, plowing, and boring will begin.
Conduit and Fiber Distribution
Conduit will be buried into the ground and then fiber will be placed into the conduit. Both will be distributed on large reels.
Fiber Vaults (Handholes)
Underground handhole boxes will serve as access points for our technicians to access the buried fiber network.
Lawn Restoration
Once construction is complete, our crews will rake, and seed areas where the digging occurred.


How long does construction take?

The duration of construction depends on the layout and design of your neighborhood.  Our goal is to complete the process as quickly as possible. In each neighborhood, construction may take 4 to 8 weeks. Building & completing our network in all neighborhoods may take 3 to 7 months depending on the size of the network being constructed.

What is the construction process?

First, we will notify residents that construction is beginning soon in your area with door hangers and/or direct mail.  In areas where utility poles exist, the fiber-optic cables will be attached to the electric or telephone poles (aerial construction), otherwise, the fiber-optic cables will be buried (underground construction).

    • Aerial construction:
      Our crews will utilize bucket trucks or climb utility poles to hang fiber-optic cables. When encountering our team please use caution as this may temporarily impede traffic.
    • Underground construction: Before we bury the fiber-optic cables, we ask the utility companies to come out and mark with flags and paint where their lines are located to avoid damaging them. We may also dig in some places to verify the location of other utilities. Next, underground conduit and access vaults will be installed along a designated utility easement. Finally, our construction teams will install the fiber-optic cables, and connect them to drops to your house or businesses.
      This process takes several weeks and once our crews have finished, cleanup work will begin, weather permitting

Does TSC have permission to be on my property?

No, TSC and our contractors are permitted to access designated utility easements, usually located along the street, sidewalk, a front yard, a rear lot line, or between two lots. We will only access your property if you order service.

Can I opt out of installing fiber on my property?

Yes, we will only access your property if you order service. We are building the network to provide a choice. We are not required to provide service to your location, so you have the right to opt in or out.

Will TSC make sure my property is left as it was before construction started?

Our crews will do everything they can to minimize impact that may occur to the yard that you maintain in the public right of way. Once construction is complete and as weather permits, we will restore lawns in areas where digging occurred. If it’s not to your satisfaction, please contact us at 800-831-6099.

What should I do to make sure TSC avoids an invisible fence, a sprinkler system, sump pump line or other underground items in my yard during construction?

Our construction crews approach your yard with the assumption that there may be private utilities located underground and will locate them prior to working on your property. If you would like to take an extra precautionary step, please mark areas of concern. You can also report any underground items to us by calling our office at 800.831.6099.

When can I remove the utility marking flags or paint in my yard?

To minimize disruption on your property, we strongly encourage you to leave markers and paint in place until construction of the network is complete. Utility flags are placed to avoid other utility disturbances or accidents in the area while work is being completed. Different colored flags signal the different utilities: blue for water, yellow for gas, orange for telecommunications, white for our proposed cable placement, etc. Any paint markings aren’t permanent and will fade over time.

If construction crews are working near my house, does that mean I can get the service?

When work is happening near your house, it’s time to call in and pre-register! Service will be available for installation once a group of homes are collectively connected to the systems and we’ve completed testing. TSC will attempt to contact you as soon as possible so you can schedule installation at your address.

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