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Shared Server IP

TSC Web Hosting uses a standard Shared IP hosting platform.  Shared IP hosting is a common practice among hosting providers that utilizes the same IP across all customer packages. As is the nature of Shared IP hosting, your actions and the actions of our other customers affect the status of this IP.

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Hosts File

WHY WOULD YOU NEED TO EDIT YOUR HOSTS FILE? You’ll often want to preview or develop a site on your TSC  hosting that still points elsewhere, ie: a site that’s not yet live with us. This can be handy for viewing a site you’re working on, or even checking how

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Unified URLs

Any of the customer listed URLs can be accessed via the TSC Unified URLS. These URLs provide access to webmail, cPanel and setting up your mail clients. If you are having issue connecting to your domain for any reason, you can use these URLS for immediate access. Unified cPanel URL:

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DNS & Nameservers

TSC Web Hosting uses the following nameservers for hosting resources: Customers are required to use TSC nameservers for DNS.  If you are not using TSC listed nameservers, or you are hosting your DNS elsewhere, you may receive limited support.  TSC is not responsible for downtime as a result of customer decision to not

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