Exciting Changes at TSC!

TSC’s “20/20 Vision” is expanding! The cable modem system is getting a significant upgrade, which will more than DOUBLE the effective bandwidth available to all areas served with cable modems.

To accomplish this upgrade, we need to make additional space on the cable network by no longer having the analog version of the channels that you already enjoy digitally. For the majority of our customers, this means absolutely no change, however, it could affect some of you. How do you know if this will affect you? Refer to the Q&A below:

  • Are you enjoying your favorite shows on a channel that ends in “.1” or “-1”?
    If so, you will not be affected by this change, but you will need to do a channel rescan to pick up the changes.  Please do a channel scan on Tuesday, February 18th in the late PM or evening.
  • Do you have a Set Top Box in your home?
    If so, you will not be affected by this change.
  • Do you have a big, heavy tube TV?
    If so, you will be affected by this change and will either need a Set Top Box to continue viewing all of your favorite channels, or you can splurge and purchase a new flat screen TV. You can get a 32” television set for less than $100 these days! Should you decide to get the Set Top Box, you can do a self-install or one of our technicians would be happy to install this for you.
  • What channels does this include?
    This will include any channels found in the range of 16-59. Channels 2-15 will not be affected.
  • When will this happen?
    This will start on February 17, 2020 and will be completed in the late afternoon on February 18, 2020.

As your LOCAL provider celebrating 125 years in business, we will continue to focus on YOU through network upgrades and with new and faster service offerings.

Thank you for being a loyal TSC customer and here’s to a great 20/20!

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